Artist Feature
Pablo Delgado


By  Olivia
15th December 2014

Pablo Delgado is a Mexican born artist, inspired by the ‘cultural richness’ of London. The artist’s distinctive street work plays with public perception, creating visual illusions in the form of his bizarre parallel universe of cut and pasted figures. With the aid of the artist’s characteristic marker- drawn shadows, these surreal scenes extend out into the viewer’s space. The artist has most recently exhibited in his home country, but he has succeeded in created a cult following for himself across London who are always the lookout for new pieces.

Pablo Delgado's Process

The artist works with collage of found images, cutting, pasting and assembling found images at pavement level. These miniscule figures inherently test the viewer’s intrigue; in order to realise what you are looking at, the viewer is forced to interact with each piece, bending down to the same level, to see this tiny parallel universe in action. Finally he grounds them in the surrounding environment with his unique marker drawn shadows, which remain long after the pasted figures have weathered away. As interactive artworks, Delgado’s technique not only takes from traditional street art and collage, but also from installation and sculpture.

Delgado’s first edition was created with Nelly Duff and we never doubted that Delgado’s surreal brand of street art would translate beautifully in screen-printed form, with each tiny figure punctuated with half toned detail and spot varnishing.

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