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miss van joins the nelly duff ranks with these 3 exclusive new prints


By  Olivia
18th June 2014

Arguably the most prolific female street artist of the last 20 years, Nelly has been a fan from the early days. Her unique style continues to develop and amaze, with the provoking and beguiling charm which has become synonymous with her sublime creations.

For the first time in the UK Nelly Duff is proud to offer this collection of Miss Van’s distinctive artwork editions.

Miss Van started wall-painting in 1993 at the tender age of 20, initiating the feminine movement in Street Art. Originating from Toulouse, France, she relocated to Barcelona whose artistic hotbed is now her home.

Travelling the world painting her instantly recognisable women on the streets, as well as on canvas, Miss Van has exhibited extensively for decades worldwide in Europe, USA and Asia. Published and discussed across art media, her appeal is wide and celebrated.

In each artwork iconic female characters continually appear across gauzy romantic compositions, they carry a surreal quality of burlesque, resonating with a beautiful synergy of rawness, softness and emotion. Come and view the sultry sensuality of these fantastic figures in the voluptuous flesh or feast your eyes via the website!