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Remi Rough

jessie alice

By  jessie alice
8th April 2016

Remi Rough, born in 1971 in South London, has been heavily involved in breaking the aesthetic boundaries of street art for a quarter of a century.

A respected train writer, the artist’s name has become synonymous with the development of the Abstract Graffiti movement in the UK. However, Rough’s work has moved above and beyond the terms of Abstract Graffiti as he continually attempts to push the boundaries of colour, space and shape.

Along with other members of the Agents of Change, Rough participated in painting the largest mural ever accomplished in London. Rough has also spoken at the Tate Modern as part of its 2008 Street Art exhibition, and exhibited round the worlf in Paris, Perth, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Vancouver, Hong Kong, and Berlin.

Remi Rough's Process

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Remi Rough, Sole DXB Dubai, 2014

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Remi Rough, 'Folding Study 04'

His works, which might initially appear simple, carry the style and movement of train writing, condensed down to the essential ingredients of line and colour.

Many have identified the iconic draughtmanship of Kazimir Malevich in Rough’s works, whilst sculptors such as Richard Serra have influenced his understanding of shape and space.

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Remi Rough, 'BASELINE_09'