Artist Feature
Ruth Collett


By  Olivia
15th December 2014

Ruth Collett’s ability to capture the life of her subjects is reflected in the bouncy, life-loving nature of the artist herself! Collett’s work is often very personally rooted, often basing portraits on herself or family members. However she also draws inspiration from great artists such as Ron Mueck and Franz Messserschmidt, developing a signature style which combines realism with uber expressive humor.

Collett has completed a series of commissions for Nelly Duff, and Nelly’s head (the infamous fag smoking crone hung in the gallery) has become an icon of Columbia Road. In between projects the artist practices specialist hair insertion for the world-famous Madam Tussauds.

Ruth Collett's Process

The artist sculpts each head in clay before moulding them in silicone and casting them in resin. Each bust is hand painted with acrylics and human hair is inserted strand by strand.