Artist Feature

Sabrina Kaici


By  Olivia
21st April 2020

Sabrina Kaici is a French artist living in London. She is primerily recognised for her Pointillism style a reputation for exquisite detail.

Sabrina originally studied Graphic Design & Sociology at university and found herself greatly inspired by the energy and creativity of London when she moved here 7 years ago, alongside the mixture of cultural references and objects to be found throughout the city.


Sabrina Kaici's Process

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Kaici drawing in her studio.

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'Half Moon' screen print.

Sabrina uses screen printing and foil blocking processes based on original handmade drawings, her work scales the micro to the macro, where a single dot represents both the largest planet in our solar system, to the tiniest dew drop on a butterfly’s wing. It’s painstaking work, but the joy of bringing dots alive and highlighting our connectivity to everything and everyone makes each piece a unique delight.

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" I hope drawing helps me define who I am and why I am here."
Sabrina Kaici.