Artist Feature
Sam Chivers


By  Olivia
15th December 2014

Sam Chivers’ graphic artworks plunge the viewer into an alternative universe, referring to the pseudo realistic world of vintage computer games to create images that dismiss the realms of reality, yet still retain a comforting familiarity. Strands of narrative are suggested but overall scenes are often open ended and ambiguous, inviting the viewer in to speculate and lose themselves in each composition.

Chivers lives in Brighton and loves nature, wandering about the South Downs whenever possible. As such his work often depicts themes of science fiction, cosmical and the fantastical, alongside an innate love of landscape.

Sam Chivers's Process


Chivers uses screen print to bring his compositions to life. Drawing inspiration from the rigidity of mathematic formulae and the uniquely 80s logic of vintage video games, to the surreal and intensely personal world of his own dreams, Chivers’ distinctive use of conflicting shapes, halftone overlays and ethereal perspective lend themselves perfectly to this medium.