Artist Feature

Sarah Boris


By  Olivia
21st October 2022

Sarah Boris is an artist based in London. Her artworks take the form of books, paintings, screenprinted editions and sometimes functional or modular sculpture such as her recent heart shaped benches exhibited in France as part of a contemporary art festival.
Her work has been exhibited at the Design Museum, London and acquired by the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, the New York Centre of Book Arts and is part of contemporary art collections in France (FRAC and Le Bel Ordinaire). She has self-published several books in limited edition formas such as ‘Global Warming Anyone’ and ‘Le Théâtre Graphique’. She explores climate, type, language, symbols and colour in her artworks which are often bright, bold and colourful. Although she does not wish to limit herself, her artworks often oscillate between pop art, op art, graphic art and concrete poetry.