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Satisfaction Guaranteed – Get Your Gift Vouchers Here!


By  Alice
11th December 2017

As much as we would all love to have the gift of being able to pick the perfect piece of art for our loved ones, sometimes try as we might it is just too damn difficult. Or even if you do have the perfect piece in mind, you might not know how to frame it best for their walls – it’s a very specific art you know!

To save returning gifts or awkward conversations under the tree, we offer gift vouchers for the perfect way to ensure both gift giver and giftee get exactly what they want on the big day. Available from £25 upwards, there is no limit to the amount you can bestow on your lucky gift receiver which they can spend on absolutely anything in-store, even framing their own non-nelly artworks!

Gift vouchers are instantly emailed to you on purchasing, or we can send a nelly embossed hard copy out to you with standard or next day delivery – so no matter how late your good intentions are, they never have to know.

Get them here!