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Shepard Fairey’s ‘Natural Springs’

jessie alice

By  jessie alice
23rd June 2016

Natural Springs is one of Shepard Fairey’s latest works that demarcates a rich and nuanced portfolio of art challenging corruption, wealth and power. First exhibited in his show, ‘On Our Hands’ in New York’s Jacob Lewis Gallery in 2015, Natural Springs depicts an idealistic young woman expressing frustration over environmental destruction perpetuated by the human quest for fossil fuels.

Natural Springs joined other artworks by Fairey that take on themes such as Wikileaks and surveillance, police brutality and freedom of speech.


Shepard Fairey’s ‘Natural Springs’'s Process

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Shepard Fairey 'My Florist is a Dick', 2015

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Shepard Fairey 'Paradise Springs' 2015

The title Natural Springs is a humorous play on the names of organisations like Americans for Prosperity that have pleasant-sounding names but cause harm to most and only benefit the elite. The propaganda campaigns by fossil fuel corporations to downplay their degradation of the environment and quality of life for average people require remarkable linguistic creativity.

The original artwork is a mixed media piece, that incorporates found elements alongside screenprinting, stencilling and traditional painting methods. Natural Springs is an open edition lithographic print, and is joined by ‘Paradise Springs’ and ‘Lifeguard Not on Duty’



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'Natural Springs'