Artwork Feature

Soozy Lipsey’s ‘Wild Bunch Series II’ 2019


By  Alice
13th April 2019

London based artist, antiques stylist and miscellanea collector Soozy Lipsey has been pursuing unchartered territories through her artwork for over 20 years. Through her exploration of the nature and temporality of unclaimed objet d’arts, Lipsey combines the traditional with the twisted to create timeless artworks that reject confinements within the urban art canon.

Lipsey’s newest edition releasing exclusively with Nelly Duff is the highly anticipated ‘Wild Bunch Series II’. Based on the enigmatic trope of traditional early 18th century Dutch floral paintings, which were used to convey wealth, travel, sexuality and knowledge, this edition embodies Lipsey’s ability to combine old and new with beautiful results. Using a variety of media, including fluorescent paint and glitter, as well as her use of hand painting (quite literally!) ‘Wild Bunch Series II’ juxtaposes the slick, almost photo-realistic early Dutch style to create a piece that refuses to conform to conventional timelines. Ruled by a clear aesthetic vision, Lipsey rejects the gravitas with which these old master paintings are treated and uses them as her personal canvas to splatter, cover and re-imagine.

Releasing exclusively as part of Nelly Duff’s exhibition at Urban Art Fair 2019 in Paris, there will be a standard edition and a highly limited hand-finished edition to be released at the fair, in store and online Saturday April 13th at 11am GMT.


‘Wild Bunch Series II – Hand Finished’

edition of 10 (69cm x 91cm) £495


‘Wild Bunch Series II – Standard’

edition of 50 (69cm x 91cm) £295


Please follow this link to  explore and purchase these incredible editions.