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Thinking Ink – Tattoo Art at Nelly Duff


By  Alice
2nd August 2017

Tattoos have had a bad rep over the years, from sailor’s salacious conquests, to drunken ‘Mom’ inkings, this ancient art form can rub some people the wrong way. However, that time has long gone. Tattoo art now is widely acknowledged as one of the most traditional, emotive and artisanal art forms our there, and most importantly, it isn’t limited to the surface of your skin.

Thinking Ink – Tattoo Art at Nelly Duff's Process

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Chris Bourke 'Forever Ever'

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Ramon Maiden 'Inma, The Cat's Diva'

Barcelona born and self proclaimed ‘Wanderlust King’ artist Ramon Maiden uses the powerful expressive ability of tattoos in a purely illustrative form, without being a tattoo artist himself. Chris Bourke on the other hand draws from his experience as both a former tattoo artist and skate shop owner. He utilises the traditional motifs, themes and lines of tattoo culture in his hand cut lino prints with pristine results. His ‘hand made’ ethic translates clearly from the integral skill and draughtsmanship that tattoo artists maintain. Finally, ink icon herself Angelique Houtkamp of the renowned Salon Serpent proves her designs work just as well on paper as on skin through her archetypal giclee prints. From those who perhaps aren’t ready to commit to a lifetime piece of body art, or those who admire it all, tattoo art is the perfect place to start.



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Angelique Houtkamp