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Two new editions from Torben Giehler 2019


By  Alice
14th March 2019

This January we are excited to announce the release of not one, but two brand new editions from leading contemporary artist Torben Giehler. The celebrated Berlin based artist has put his talents once more to that behemoth casting its shadow over the hills of Europe, The Matterhorn. A subject of repeated interest for Giehler, over the years he has turned his attention again and again to this peak in efforts to capture its majesty in his signature graphic style, which we think we can safely say he has captured expertly with these two editions.

Both printed in the UK in one of the best print ateliers in the country, cutting edge flatbed print technology was used to capture the intense detail and depth of Giehler’s original painting (also available at Nelly Duff) ‘Silver Matterhorn 2019’ embodies all the moodiness and intensity of the mountain’s sublime beauty, its sharp lines contrasting with glittering hand applied silver leaf. Next, ‘Servin 2018’ based exactly on Giehler’s original painting is a vision of chromatic contrast and modernity.

Two new editions from Torben Giehler 2019's Process

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Hand applying silver leaf

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Printing 'Servin 2018' with a flat bed printer

Finished with silkscreen varnishes, the texture and depth of the original painting are captured and heightened in this exclusive edition. At 76cm x 90cm, both editions large size gives them even more impact, resulting in the perfect interior statement pieces from one of Germany’s leading artists.

Both ‘Silver Matterhorn 2019’ and ‘Servin 2018’ are editions of 50,  and will be £595 and £495 respectively. Releasing exclusively at Nelly Duff Saturday 26th January 2019 at 11am GMT.

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'Silver Matterhorn 2019'