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Various & Gould


By  Olivia
15th December 2014

Various & Gould are an artist duo from Berlin, whose mutual enthusiasm for accidental beauty in everyday life and public mural work has formed the basis for their explosive collaboration since 2004.

Various & Gould’s out put conceptually focus their work on serious themes like migration, (sexual) identity, death and financial crisis, doing so in a playful, intuitive way.

Various & Gould's Process

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Collage workshop at Nelly's 2012 PMU appearance.

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The duo share a fascination for paper as a primary material and collage, alongside screen printing, forms the centre of their creation. Various & Gould’s unique process can be divided into 3 stages- screen printing, collage and screen printing again!

Initially the artists work with found images, drawing over them by hand and then screen printing them in various colours. Via the classic cut and paste process, the artists then create beautiful mixed media images. Once satisfied with the composition, this artwork is hand screen printed in CMYK to creating Various & Gould’s distinctive gritty textures, vibrant colours and whacky arrangements.

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