Artist Feature

Camille Walala


By  Auberi
19th October 2017

The energy of Camille Walala is infectiously represented in everything she produces. The distinctive style of Walala is recognisable to most East London street-walker, jewellery and textile-buyer, and print-lover. Her style resonates with East London, in the fusion of diverse influences and styles. Her vibrant patterns have embellished the Splice building on Old Street, fittingly called ‘Dream Come True’.

Nelly Duff offers six giclee prints that demonstrate Walala’s gifted understanding of space, pattern and above all, colour.

Camille Walala's Process

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Detail of 'Dream Come True Building 5'

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Camille Walala in Melbourn, Australia

The French-born designer has listed the Memphis-Group pieces in her father’s home in Paris, and the African patterns from her mother’s residence in Provence as key inspirations to her style. Such foundations were built upon during her time studying in Brighton, and then fused with her experience of London, where she now resides.

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'Dream Come True Building 2'