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Dan Hillier, ‘Pachamama’


By  Alice
27th February 2015

Pachamama‘ refers to the South American Goddess of the Earth and Dan Hillier‘s stylised montage epically embodies this concept, depicting the Goddess herself holding the starry solar system in her hair and clutching the rivers, forests and mountains to her chest.  Hillier is indeed a truly spiritual aware and environmentally concerned artist and that often lays at the heart of his work.

This edition was slated for production early in the year but is now ready due to a delay in the complex handmade print production.  We take great pleasure offering up the magnificence of Hillier‘s latest edition. In this follow up to the larger and highly sought after ‘Cecelia Huntress- bronze age’, this 64 x 45cm artwork sees the artist hand screen print the image on top of a radiant layer of Bronzage metallic foil.

Half classical bust, half cosmic portrait miniature,  this edition of 150 artworks is published by Nelly Duff and is available exclusively from the the Columbia Road Gallery and Online below.

Artworks will ship week commencing 17th December, just in time for xmas.  Enjoy ;  )


Dan Hillier, ‘Pachamama’'s Process

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Handmade Screenprint

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Pachamama Bronzeage detailing

Nelly will be working with Mr Hillier in 2015 to release a new artwork in support of the Forst people of Peru.  It will be a call to action, shinning a line a light and reminding us that we live on a fragile planet and we can’t continue to take it for granted.   Nelly Loves Ux


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