Artist Feature

Jo Peel


By  Olivia
4th April 2019

Jo Peel draws something special from the most familiar of city scenery. The artist’s beautifully detailed artworks showcase her inspiringly off-centre style of illustration, urging all who view them to take a step back and consider their surrounding environment. With a series of high profile group shows under her belt, Peel’s work is fast becoming a much-favored feature of the contemporary Urban Art scene. The artist is also a member of internationally recognized ‘Scrawl Collective’, and has worked alongside other renowned creatives such as fellow Nelly Duff artist Will Barras.

Peel also works on large scale mural works, often creating stop motion animations of the process, such as 2012’s ‘Things Change’ edition.

Jo Peel's Process

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Peel during the creation of 'Things Change'.

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Stop motion animation in the making.

Each image originates from a selection of photographs, from which the composition is carefully worked out in order to enhance the character of the building. Each drawing is then painstakingly captured in fine lined ink, paying attention to all of the details within the architecture and surroundings. Colours are then carefully chosen colours and layers developed into a hand-pulled edition to transform the image into a screen printed edition.

Peel often creates large scale mural work, which she documents during development to create stop motion animations, further illustrating the narrative behind her works, such as ‘Things Change.’

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