Artwork Feature

Matt Small ‘Alexandria’ 2018


By  Alice
9th October 2020

A brand new edition from one of the UK’s leading contemporary portraiture artists, Matt Small, ‘Alexandria’ is a landmark release for Small and Nelly Duff. Larger than anything we have ever released with Small before, ‘Alexandria’ confronts the viewer fearlessly, filled with colour, vibrancy and almost pulsing with energy. Small’s ability to capture the idiosyncrasies of the gazes of his eponymous characters as they stare out from their imagined worlds is renowned and unrivalled (in our humble opinion), and ‘Alexandria’ is no different. Based on an original hand-made mosaic piece that combines oil paint and hand-cut wooden blocks to create a three-dimensional piece, this giclee edition captures all the delicacy and gracefulness of Alexandria’s enigmatic gaze, while retaining the texture and energy of Small’s technique.

An edition of only 50, this larger-than-life edition is not so large in edition size, and will be available exclusively from Nelly Duff. Releasing at 11am GMT in-store and online on Saturday 15th September at Nelly Duff. For more information and to be put on the waiting list for this inspirational edition, please contact us at