Artwork Feature

Nelly’s Top Ten – My Dog Sighs


By  Alice
30th March 2018

While their artwork might show us whats going on inside their heads, that leaves us wondering, whats going on inside their studio? In this feature, Team Nelly gets an exclusive insight into the minds, studios and snacking habits of our brilliant artists. This week, colourful character and tin can connoisseur My Dog Sighs lets us know his top ten of all things weird and wonderful.



  1. Favourite place to work?

I’m pretty lucky to have a great studio space. Everything at hand, good light and stuffed with things to Inspire me. As far as walls I think they each offer their own joys and challenges. Nice weather helps too. Although having said that last year I painted in pissing rain in Cheltenham and the wall just flowed, everything went right whereas when painting a similar wall in Miami, in the sunshine in December, I fought the entire thing. Nothing seemed to flow and although it turned out ok it was a pig of a job.


  1. Favourite music to listen to while working?

Music is pretty important to my work. The stereo is the first thing that’s switched on in the studio and the last thing switched off.

My work is often melancholic so in the studio, I’m often found wallowing in similar music, be it the sweeping minor chords of Einaudi and Mogwai, angst-ridden lyrics of John Bramwell or the brutally honest musings of Conner Oberst.

When it comes to painting walls I’m buzzed by the energy of the task ahead and tend to find myself singing along to old-school indie classics. Sheriff  Fatman at the top of my lungs.


  1. Favourite contemporary artist on the scene today?

Herakut never fail to melt my heart but I’m equally in awe of bom.k, Julian Kimmings, etam cru, toasters, the London police the list goes on.


  1. Favourite snack to power your artistic process?

I like good food so will always sack off crappy snacks in order to eat something special at the end of the day. Anything that’s prepared with love.


  1. Favourite ever album cover?

Album covers are a dying art form, aren’t they? So sad. Probably one of the Pixies covers. They’re all pretty good, maybe Doolittle. Props to grace jones for the island life cover. That’s iconic.


  1. Favourite exhbition of 2017 (big or small!)

The juxtapose group show at Basel in Miami last year was pretty special.


  1. Favourite animal?

The mouse that made a nest in a loaf of bread I recently left unattended in the studio.


  1. Favourite medium to work with?

System 3 acrylic. I’ve tried all the expensive brands but none are a match for this cheap student paint. Montana gold transparent sprays are a bit lovely as well.


  1. Favourite tipple of choice after a days work?

If you’re buying then the best Italian Barolo (I’ve got The Italian artist Gallo to thank for that). If you’re not then anything on offer at the co-op.


  1. Favourite edition you have released/sold with ‪Nelly Duff?

The next one of course!