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11:00AM BST 2nd Nov 2019

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Bearded Anarchist Lost East of The River

Who the hell is beardyman? The question on everyone’s lips can be answered by none other than leading East London artist, Stephen Anthony Davids.

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Bearded Anarchist Lost East of the River [Standard]

Bearded Anarchist Lost East of the River [Standard]

by Stephen Anthony Davids

Edition of:30
Dimensions:25 × 37 cm
Medium: 4 colour screenprint

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Infamous for his unadulterated use of somewhat sacred authentic Victorian Ledger sheets, in another act of equal parts art and mischief, Stephen Anthony Davids has immortalised another of his iconic characters – the eponymous Bearded Anarchist.

Of the vast array of topics Davids’ inimitable portfolio covers, social commentary is one he favours most. A combination of acerbic wit, honesty and his unique viewpoint, Davids’ works have always been able to convey his message directly and without fuss.

This brand new screen printed edition directly reimagines Davids’ original works on those beautiful ledger sheets, and cleverly recreates them with cutting edge print techniques hand-pulled right here in East London. 9 layers of carefully mixed colour build up to reveal a wonderful landscape of texture that is so redolent of Davids’ original works.

Although we may not be bearded anarchists, we certainly are East Londoners, and couldn’t be prouder or more excited to release an edition that is the heart and soul of our little corner of London.

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