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11:00AM GMT/UTC 14th Mar 2020

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Birch Forest

As the warm, welcome touch of spring begins to tiptoe around street corners and onto budding trees we would like to introduce Xenz’s ‘Birch...

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Birch Forest [Hand Finished]

Birch Forest [Hand Finished]

by Xenz

Edition of:35
Dimensions:88.5 × 148 cm
Medium: Archival Giclee print with silkscreen varnishes and acrylic hand finish

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An edition fit for a king, this brand new edition from Xenz is the iconic street artist’s testament to the regal birch forest. Richly contrasting blues and golden hues give this landscape masterpiece a reverence and sincerity that we have never seen from Xenz’s work on this scale before.

These XL archival giclee editions are finished with just the right touch of screen printed varnish to accentuate the vivid blues and golds, whilst retaining the work’s subtle harmony of the dancing leaves and sky. Don’t shout about this one though, an edition of only 35 prints means that there are just enough for you and your royal court…

We like to give you a little extra with every edition, so each one of these 35 prints is uniquely hand finished with gold paint to add yet another dimension to this stunning edition. Dripping in gold (as royalty should be), you can rest easy in the knowledge that your edition is particular to you, and that each lovingly applied golden droplet adds a little extra oomph to an already astonishing piece.

Releasing exclusively at Nelly Duff this March,  you don’t have long to wait to be united with this glorious love letter to the birch! To register your interest and find out more about Xenz’s ‘Birch Forest’ just drop us an email at