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11:00AM GMT/UTC 24th Sep 2022

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Fragile UK

Sarah Boris’ thought-provoking release ‘Fragile UK’ is coming to Nelly Duff this Saturday.

X1 Editions Released

Fragile UK

Fragile UK

by Sarah Boris

Edition of:100
Dimensions:64 × 45 cm
Medium: Screen Print


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“Art helps me express how I feel…” Sarah Boris.
Or maybe how a whole nation is feeling in these monumental times.


There is immense power and cultural significance translated in this FRAGILE UK artwork.  Like all important pieces of art it is deeply thought provoking and has the ability to resonate over time.

The immensely poignant ‘FRAGILE UK’ Flag is released for the first time as a limited edition screen-print this Saturday, 11am BST

Releasing Saturday 24th September, 11am BST.