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11:00AM GMT/UTC 7th Mar 2020

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Feeling naughty? Embrace your inner sinner with us this March for Nick Smith’s newest edition, ‘Gluttony’.

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Gluttony – Diamond Dust

Gluttony – Diamond Dust

by Nick Smith

Edition of:22
Dimensions:100 × 100 cm
Medium: Giclee with Diamond Dust Coating

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Sugar coated and sticky sweet, leading UK artist Nick Smith’s latest edition is as irresistible as the doughy treats themselves. Painstakingly built from over 350 individually selected colours, Smith (in signatures style) modifies every chip with new captions, which when put together read as an extract from 14th century Italian poet, Dante Alighieri’s ‘Purgatorio’ – the second part of his acclaimed ‘Divine Comedy’.

What better representation of gluttony than the fabulously pretty-in-pink donut? (sprinkles and all) Finger stickingly moreish, A highly limited number of Smith’s new edition is available in ‘Diamond Dust’ (finished with hand applied crushed glass to replicate sprinkles – genius!) to give a little something for all tastes. Only sweet tooths need apply.



Only a highly limited number of each edition will be available, so embrace your inner glutton and be sure to claim your own edition without thinking of the consequences or calories. To be fair, there aren’t really any of either so we can safely say you won’t find yourself in purgatory because of this edition…