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11:00AM GMT/UTC 3rd Sep 2022

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Great Whites

Dive into Great Whites, a beautiful blue release from Dave White.

X1 Editions Released

Great White – Hand Finished (2022)

Great White – Hand Finished (2022)

by Dave White

Edition of:50
Dimensions:122 × 82 cm
Medium: Giclée Hand Finished with Platinum Leaf


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Something’s in the water! Or should we say, in Dave White’s latest release.

With purpose to re-engage, these prints highlight the beauty and often overlooked fragility of the Great White Shark.

Using energetic brush movements and spontaneous strokes and drips, White captures the dynamism of these mind-blowing creatures.


‘Great Whites’ present these ultimate underwater predators that sit at the top of the aquatic food chain, right up close and personal.

Releasing Saturday 3rd September, 11am BST