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11:00AM GMT/UTC 25th May 2019

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High Planes – Flares

The cat’s out of the bag! This Saturday we are excited to release an archived sub-edition of Brooklyn Whelan’s 2018 sold-out ‘High Planes’ –...

First released in 2018 for our exhibition in New York, ‘High Planes’, featuring Brooklyn Whelan’s signature colour palette and graceful cloud motif, we are excited to release a sub edition of only 18 prints that has been tucked away deep in the archive, waiting for a (not so) rainy day.

Featuring a unique pearlescent finish on the lower half of the print, this subtle and shimmering edition takes advantage of the medium of print to add an extra dimension to Whelan’s artwork, and to be able to offer you a unique artwork.

‘High Planes – Flares’ 2018

from Brooklyn Whelan



Edition size: 18

Medium: Screenprint with pearlescent inks

Size: 88cm x 89cm


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