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11:00AM BST 25th Apr 2020

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I Got Here As Fast As I Could

A brand new perfectly pint sized edition from Chris Bourke.

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I Got Here As Fast As I Could

I Got Here As Fast As I Could

by Chris Bourke

Edition of:26
Dimensions:15.5 × 21 cm
Medium: Linocut with Hand Finishing

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Follow your heart and fall in love with the latest edition from UK based artist Chris Bourke. Each edition is hand printed with Bourke’s custom made heart stamp (where can we get one of those!) and finished with Bourke hand writing his heart felt message on every single edition. Bourke has always been a paragon of the hand-made, and this edition is no exception. We couldn’t think of a more appropriate sentiment while the rest of us aren’t going anywhere fast!

Releasing at Nelly Duff Saturday 25th April at 11am UK time online, see you there!