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11:00AM GMT/UTC 27th Jun 2020

Available Now!

I Made You A Tape

Throwing it back to the boombox days of our youth with Chris Bourke’s newest edition releasing this June!

How long has it been since you held a tape in your hands? Yes, a REAL LIFE tape with the ribbon and everything. Too long we think!

This week we’re throwing it back to the good old days where if you fancied someone you took the time to record your favourite songs onto a tape, bonus marks if you actually posted it to your paramour. Somehow sending someone a link to a Spotify playlist doesn’t feel quite as romantic…

Each edition is printed with a hand-carved stamp to create subtle texture and ensure bright, thickly laid colour onto 150gsm artist’s paper, finished with delightfully shimmering gold inks. It might be a little outdated to give your crush a mixtape (though we wouldn’t say no to a boombox) but one of these might just do the trick!

Releasing at Nelly Duff Saturday 27th June, 11am UK time