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11:00AM GMT/UTC 6th Feb 2021

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I Plan To Love You Forever

We’re all used to plans being changed by now, but what about our emotional ones?

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I Plan To Love You

I Plan To Love You

by Soozy Lipsey

Edition of:30
Dimensions:37.9 × 53.2 cm
Medium: Archival Giclee Print Uniquely Hand Finished by the Artist in Graphite and Ink

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Fresh from the mind of Nelly favourite Soozy Lipsey, for her newest release she has transformed her signature hand finished vintage blue prints into a pint sized, wall-friendly limited edition that speaks to the heart without being cloying.

Based on vintage blue prints, this giclee edition is the must have for the unromantic romantic in your life. Folded and distressed by Soozy to replicate that authentic vintage feel, this edition is our kind of plan…