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4:00PM GMT/UTC 18th May 2022

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Looking Back

Eyes on the prize, it’s a brand new pint sized edition from Soozy Lipsey here to charm your socks off.

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Looking Back

Looking Back

by Soozy Lipsey

Edition of:60
Dimensions:15.4 × 20.6 cm
Medium: Giclée with Applied Glitter on Eyes


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We can’t get enough of London-based, Glasgow-born artist Soozy Lipsey’s subversive and charming artworks. Often mixed media, breathing new life into sourced vintage artworks and objets d’arts, always original.

This new pint sized edition takes inspiration from Victorian floral portrait mounts, traditionally used to showcase miniature portraits now inverted to create a new timeless edition. A combination of collaged layers and hand-applied glitter finishes, this delightful artwork brings together old and new in a way only Soozy knows how.


Releasing exclusively at Nelly Duff Wednesday 18th May, 4pm BST