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11:00AM GMT/UTC 16th Oct 2021

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Lucy Dip Trading Cards

Feeling lucky? Put your gambling skills to the test with Chris Bourke’s new edition…

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Lucky Dip Trading Cards

Lucky Dip Trading Cards

by Chris Bourke

Edition of:64
Dimensions:5.5 × 9 cm
Medium: Relief Prints from Hand Carved Stamps

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Who doesn’t love surprises! This week we are excited to release Chris Bourke’s newest artwork, a series of limited edition, custom printed card packs each containing four hand painted and printed limited edition mini prints. And here’s the twist… each pack contains a unique combination of Chris’s designs, so you don’t know what you’ll get!

Luckily (we can confirm this) they are all beautiful, so everyone’s a winner!

Releasing 11am UK time, Saturday 16th October exclusively at Nelly Duff