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11:00AM BST 23rd Nov 2019

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Introducing a brand new edition from Berlin based artist Torben Giehler, ‘Machapuchare’ – hitting the walls this November at Nelly Duff.

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by Torben Giehler

Edition of:50
Dimensions:75 × 90 cm
Medium: Premium FlatBed Print with SilkScreen and Hand Applied Silver Leaf

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This exclusive edition, printed with the finest high quality inks and silkscreen varnishes is the latest in Geihler’s exploration of the most beautiful (and dangerous) mountains in the world. Heading across the world to Nepal’s infamous Annapurna mountain range, the sublime and almost reverent nature of this stunning print pays homage to the holy mountain ‘Machapuchare’, which since 1957 climbers have been forbidden to summit as it believed to be the home of the Hindu god, Shiva.

An edition of 50, releasing exclusively at Nelly Duff 11am UK time, Saturday 23rd November 2019.