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11:00AM BST 26th Jun 2021

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Neon Moon Warp – Phase 2

Submerge yourself in the dreamlike, experimental editions of London-based screen print collective Heretic with their newest series, ‘Neon Moonrise’

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Neon Moon Warp – Phase 2

Neon Moon Warp – Phase 2

by Heretic

Edition of:10
Dimensions:72 × 102 cm
Medium: 9 layer silkscreen print

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With over a decade’s worth of screen printing experience and bold design vision, Heretic print collective leads from the very front of London’s contemporary print scene.

Throwing the rule book out the window, Heretic look for the imperfection and variation in every edition to make them totally unique. Allowing the colour and texture to stand out and take pride of place, rather than focussing on a set composition – this is what sets Heretic aside and has us coming back for more every time they release a new edition!


‘Neon Moon Warp – Phase 2’


Edition of ten unique nine-colour screen prints

72cm x 102cm


Releasing 26.06.21 exclusively at Nelly Duff