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11:00AM BST 18th May 2019

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Peaky Blinders

Introducing the debut edition from London-based artist Stephen Anthony Davids, a multi-layer screen print embodying the wit, bold draughtsmanship, and our favourite Birmingham gangsters...

X2 Editions Released

Peaky Blinders – Hand Finished

Peaky Blinders – Standard

Peaky Blinders – Hand Finished

by Stephen Anthony Davids

Dimensions:42 × 59 cm
Medium: 9 layer Silkscreen Print, Handfinished with Graphite and Brummie Tea

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Peaky Blinders – Standard

by Stephen Anthony Davids

Edition of:50
Dimensions:42 × 59 cm
Medium: 9 layer silkscreen print


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This May, Nelly Duff is excited to announce the debut edition from London-based artist (and force of nature) Stephen Anthony Davids.

Based on Davids’ signature original works carried out on his own extensive collection of Victorian ledger sheets, what better subject matter to adorn these age-stained financial records than our favourite financially driven (aren’t they all) gangster? A nine-layer hand pulled screen print, this new edition encapsulates the texture and depth of Davids’ original drawing, from the gloss of the oil stick to the satisfying patina of the aged paper through precise and cutting edge print technology.

‘Peaky Blinders’ embodies one of the foremost themes of Davids’ work, the exploration of history and context. Razor lined caps aside for the moment, this edition pierces the historical veil, and, like the eponymous drama series demands a suspension of disbelief. Combining a carefully reproduced 19th century Victorian ledger sheet with the blinder, a symbol of post WW1 and early 20th century industrialisation with Davids’ contemporary minimalist draughtsmanship doesn’t just remove the work from an discernible historical context, it turns the idea of context on its head. Meticulously recreated, the base layer of this hand pulled edition is a perfect replication of Davids’ own ledger sheet. Down to the browned edges and paper stains, the intricacy and dedication to reimagine Davids’ original work within the context of print imbues the edition with new life, and old.

With a main edition of 50 ‘Peaky Blinders’, we will also be releasing hand finished edition of only 15 prints, all adorned with unique touches and graphite by the artist.

Releasing in store and online May 18th 11am exclusively at Nelly Duff.

British artist Stephen Anthony Davids, throughout his long and varied career has strived to combine drawing, painting and sculpture  in signature graphic style to huge levels of success. Sensitive, humorous, passionate, his exploration of black identity, masculinity and history is embodied just as effectively in his smaller original drawings as they are in his large scale colourful paintings.  

Drawing inspiration from found objects, wooden artefacts and most prominently his vast collection of Victorian ledger sheets, Davids’ incredibly contemporary style clashes delightfully with these historic pieces. Having exhibited extensively in London, New York and Europe, he currently operates from his East London studio.

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‘Peaky Blinders’

Stephen Anthony Davids



Medium: 9 layer hand-pulled screenprint

Edition size: 50



Medium: 9 layer hand-pulled screenprint

Edition size: 15

Hand finished with graphite and tea


Release date: 18th May 2019, 11am BST