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4:00PM BST 19th Jan 2022

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Pride of Spitalfields

There’s pride, and then pub pride. Meet one of our all time favourites by another of our all time favourites, artist Jo Peel.

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Pride of Spitalfields

Pride of Spitalfields

by Jo Peel

Edition of:30
Dimensions:50 × 35 cm
Medium: Screenprint


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Tucked away in a quiet mews away from the steady hustle and bustle of the famous Brick Lane lies on of London’s best local boozers, and a delightfully pretty one at that.

If you cant be cosied up on one of The Pride of Spitalfield’s red banquets while the landlord’s cat snoozes in nearby empty spot, then surely this charmingly captured portrayal by Jo Peel must be the next best thing?


From Sheffield based artist Jo Peel, for many years it was London that captured her imagination and therefore captured ours! Her stunning large scale architectural street pieces have immortalised many of our favourite spots in her signature warm and inviting style.

An edition of only 30, this three colour screen print is gladly destined for our walls, what about yours?