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4:00PM BST 1st Feb 2022

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Pushing Daisies

Darkly delicious and one of our most-loved editions, the legendary Sweet Toof’s ‘Pushing Daisies’ is BACK.

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Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies

by Sweet Toof

Edition of:90
Dimensions:30.5 × 40.5 cm
Medium: Screenprint


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First printed in 2013, this five colour screen print is small – but damn is it mighty. An edition of only 90, it’s triumphant return to Nelly’s walls is one we can’t help but get excited about! An essential addition to any street art lover’s collection, this vibrant vision of the macabre is Sweet Toof at his very best.

If you’ve ever found yourself in East London, or have a passion for street art – chances are you are already well acquainted with Sweet Toof and his exorbitant teeth (teef?). If not, allow us to introduce you. Like most of the street art greats, ST started early – age 13 to be exact, upon using his 50p pocket money to buy cheap spray cans before going out at night and tagging. Later his tags developed into his now iconic skull/tooth motif, which he’s gone on to continue painting internationally – exhibiting alongside Banksy and now has work in the V&A permanent collection.