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4:00PM BST 27th Oct 2021

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Let’s mix it up. Meet Swiss fine artist Andrea Hasler and her wax nipples coming soon to Nelly Duff…

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by Andrea Hasler

Edition of:15
Dimensions:10 × 12 cm
Medium: Wax Sculpture Encased in a Custom Made Glass Cloche, Complete with Gold Glitter Wooden Base.


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B. 1975 in Switzerland, Andrea Hasler’s career as a fine artist and sculptor has spanned over twenty years, breaking new ground and dropping jaws in the process.

During her studies in London’s Chelsea College of Art, she began to explore the idea of subverting the desire for luxury goods and the process behind our fascination with opulence. This led to deconstructing designer accessories such as Louis Vuitton handbags, leaving their ‘skeleton’, and filling the space with organ-like structures. Now over twenty years later Hasler specialises in site specific, large scale sculptural wax installations all over the world, treading the knife edge between desire and disgust, and leaving us speechless with her daring results.

‘Shelter’ is Hasler’s debut edition at Nelly Duff. One of our first and only sculptural editions, we’re so excited to show you this incredibly delicate and unique series that is quite literally unlike anything we’ve shown before!

An edition of fifteen, each tiny sculpture is delicate wax cast of the artist’s own *ahem* anatomy – encased in a beautiful custom made glass cloche, complete with gold glitter wooden base. What more could you ask for?

Releasing Wednesday 27th October, 4pm at Nelly Duff