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4:00PM BST 16th Nov 2022

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The Biggest Boss

Not only is he The Big Boss of Martial Arts, Bruce Lee now (officially) reigns over TLP’s very own Hong Kong cityscape.

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The Biggest Boss

The Biggest Boss

by The London Police

Edition of:77
Dimensions:50 × 50 cm
Medium: 2 Colour Screen Print

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Birthed from a trip to Amsterdam, The London Police set out to conquer the plain walls of the city (and eventually the world) with their slick bold lines & fictional landscapes.

Inspired by Bruce Lee, these 2 colour screen prints are set against an illustrative Hong Kong skyline. We can’t think of a more iconic combination than the Kung-Fu master himself and the graffiti dream team that make up TLP.

Releasing Wednesday 16th November, 4pm BST.