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12:00AM BST 21st Oct 2020

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Travel C*nt Bingo

What’s more Mr Bingo than his very own travel-themed profane bingo game?

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Travel Cunt Bingo

Travel Cunt Bingo

by Mr Bingo

Edition of:125
Dimensions:26.3 × 37.2 cm
Medium: Screenprint

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Straight from the marvellous, scathing mind of East London’s Mr Bingo (artist/public speaker/rapper) – ‘Travel Cunt Bingo’ is set to resonate with anyone who’s walked down any pavement, anywhere. Oh and you also have to be OK with the C-word, if not might we recommend one of the other editions found further down the page…


A one layer screen print – printed here in the UK on colourplan bright White 175gsm paper, you are free to circle travel c*nts as you see them, although we kind of like the print how it is. Up to you though, we’re not your mum.