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11:00AM GMT/UTC 22nd May 2021

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Up Broken

Meet the newest edition from Pablo Delgado, as part of his brand new show ‘Empty Space’ on show at Nelly Duff this May!

X1 Editions Released

Up Broken – Limited Edition

Up Broken – Limited Edition

by Pablo Delgado

Edition of:50
Dimensions:24 × 29.7 cm
Medium: Archival Flatbed Print with Screen Printed Layers


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A bold and unconventional exploration of space and the physical relationship of objects and beings, Pablo Delgado’s latest edition at Nelly Duff encompasses the wonder of his new show ‘Empty Space’.

An immersive and thought provoking showcase, in signature Pablo style he has reimagined existing vintage photography to become darker, delightful and absorbing.



A flatbed print, finished with silkscreen silver spot colours, this pint sized edition (A4) makes a statement that outshines it’s size.