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4:00PM BST 15th Jun 2022

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Visions of Somewhere, 2021

We had visions of a perfect screen print, and this appeared. Meet Heretic’s newest experimental screen print edition, ‘Visions of Somewhere’

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Visions of Somewhere

Visions of Somewhere

by Heretic

Edition of:10
Dimensions:72 × 102 cm
Medium: 5 Layer Screenprint

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Feast your eyes on a feat of print excellence. Experimental London screen print collective Heretic / Spectral Nation (why have one name when you can have two!) have been committed to pushing the boundaries of print for the last ten years.

‘Visions of Somewhere’ is their latest creation and edition of only ten prints, and here’s the catch: they’re all totally unique. Each varies from the other because as the printing goes on, the paint positioning changes, each pull (aka squeezing the paint through the silk screens) resulting in a slightly new blend of colour and composition.

Sounds pretty good right?

Releasing at Nelly Duff this Wednesday, 15th June at 4pm BST.


Visions of Somewhere, 2021

Signed and numbered screen print on
415gsm Somerset Tub paper using 5 colours.
A series of 10 unique prints.
72cm x 102cm