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11:00AM BST 19th Sep 2020

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Wild Bunch III

Step back in time with us into Soozy Lipsey’s reimagined still life…

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Wild Bunch Series III

Wild Bunch Series III

by Soozy Lipsey

Edition of:40
Dimensions:59.1 × 80.45 cm
Medium: Archival Giclée Print with Silk Screen Varnishes


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Our newest edition with London-based artist and antiques stylist, Soozy Lipsey – ‘Wild Bunch III’ is exactly that. In Lipsey’s wonderfully topsy turvy world, the wilder the better, so when she got her hands on this 18th century still life it was only a matter of time before it was reimagined with Lipsey’s signature texture, energy and zeal.

With Lipsey’s pieces, the devil is in the detail – and here pictured is a typical Dutch still life that you might not think anything of (aside from being beautiful!) – but as there always is, more lies beneath the surface. In the Netherlands in the 18th century, wealth meant travel, and travel meant trinkets and exotic prizes from overseas, one of which was flowers.

This dancing bouquet is made up of flowers from all over the world, flowering at different times and accustomed to different climates, you would never see such a combination of flowers in one place, so is a totally imagined arrangement. Painted from other illustrations and from life, it might take an artist years to paint such an arrangement as they wait for various buds to come into bloom.

Now in the hands of Soozy Lipsey, this seemingly simple floral arrangement is given a new, contemporary edge and revitalised to shine again over 200 years after it was painted. Now if thats not a reason to fall in love with Lipsey’s newest work we don’t know what is!

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