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11:00AM GMT/UTC 18th Dec 2021

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Wild Bunch IV

Join us and revel in the sheer floral anarchy of Soozy Lipsey’s newest edition coming to Nelly Duff this December.

X2 Editions Released

Wild Bunch IV – Standard

Wild Bunch IV – XL Hand Finished

Wild Bunch IV – Standard

by Soozy Lipsey

Edition of:50
Dimensions:77 × 54 cm
Medium: Archival giclee print

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Wild Bunch IV – XL Hand Finished

by Soozy Lipsey

Edition of:15
Dimensions:120 × 85 cm
Medium: Archival Giclee Print Uniquely Hand Finished by the Artist in Acrylic and Aerosol.

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Famed for her tumultuous re-imaginings of traditional artistic themes, this brand new giclee edition from London based artist Soozy Lipsey is sure to set your walls on fire (not literally of course) with its sheer floral ferocity.

Coming in two variants, one standard and one XL hand finished – the choice is yours.

‘Wild Bunch IV – Standard’

Edition of 50

77cm x 54cm

Archival giclee print on Minuet paper



‘Wild Bunch IV – XL Hand Finished’

Edition of 15

120cm x 85cm

Archival giclee print on Minuet paper, hand finished with acrylic and spray paint by the artist