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Empty Space

from Pablo Delgado | 22nd – 25th MAY 2021


Now based in his native Mexico, Pablo came to London in 2011 to pursue his passion for art, and in the process became one of the UK’s most celebrated street artists. Unlike many of his contemporaries, he aims for his work to be missed by most. No vast walls or bold colourful tags here, in fact you’ve probably walked right by one of his pieces and never known…

Having hailed from a small town in Mexico, the adjustment to London prompted Pablo to question our interactions, and in an attempt to slow down a city that wouldn’t stop, he created micro-scenes on street corners, pavements and lamp posts that in order to enjoy you need to stop and absorb. His astute utilisation of existing architectural elements to give three dimensionality to his pieces and creative subversion of what we’ve become used to as contemporary street art have gained him a cult following worldwide.