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Nick Smith


By  Alice
19th October 2017

Having had his first solo exhibition in 2015, Nick is continuing year by year to grow as an artist and wow us with beautifully matched colour chips to iconic artworks combined with well chosen, often provocative, words. While the world renowned masterpieces Nick translates are often out of reach for us mere mortals, through witty and incredibly technically proficient giclee screeprints, he modernises and makes accessible iconic works that become modern masterpieces in their own right.

Nick Smith's Process

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Nick Smith in his studio

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While Glasgow born Nick tackles iconic works such as Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, and Vincent Van Gogh’s 1889 ‘Self-Portrait’, he also combines contemporary matter with classic literature to create works imbued with literary and visual texture. His ‘Capulet’s Orchard’ series combines erotic photography with the eponymous scene from Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. By bending the rules and using innovative visual and printing techniques, Nick creates visually arresting pieces that are a valuable and exciting addition to any home.