Nelly at Home
Nick Smith

How do you separate your living space from your studio spaces?

Facetious answer alert… with a door. Sorry, that was too tempting. I don’t define my art as work. It has bled fully into my life and is something that I’m always immersed in, so I don’t really feel the need to separate my physical spaces.

Nelly says

We love how Nick has surrounded himself with his inspirations. His walls function as a narrative of the artist’s influences in his own work.

What would be your ‘desert island’ artwork if you could only choose one?

Whatever is biggest so I can get more firewood out of it. Seriously, I view my collection as an organism – Nothing hangs in isolation. Each piece sits as part of a whole and it’s the combined story that appeals. I would struggle to pick one artwork, so I’ll stick with my first answer.

"Seriously, I view my collection as an organism - Nothing hangs in isolation."

"I would love to own a George Condo or a Chuck Close original, but I'd settle for a print of either."

Have you seen your own artwork displayed in other people’s homes? How does it feel?

Recently walking down a residential street in London during the evening, I saw my Girl with the Pink Earring print hung above a mantle through a lit window.

That was a nice feeling. I see my work tagged regularly on Instagram and am always delighted by people’s commitment to my work. I enjoy the vast array of framing choices and how they sit in people’s homes.