Nelly at Home
Jess Dyer

What inspired you to get into the contemporary art world?

I previously worked in Fashion as a stylist and art director but have always had a passion for art. My father was a set and costume designer with the RSC and ROH, so I spent a lot of time  amongst art and design as a child. Our walls were painted by him by hand, a mixture of Gauguin (my mother’s favourite) and trompe-l’oeil.

"Always chose what you love; never buy purely for investment"

"I love space, and working out how to maximise what you have."

What comes first, the interiors or the artwork?

The interior. I love space, and working out how to maximise what you have. But I think it’s almost a chicken and egg scenario. My art is always present, and I always choose art I love which works in my environment as a given. I am lucky enough to have a big choice when it comes to what art to hang, so I am often changing things around, adding pieces, improving.

Jessie, you live and work with art, which piece in your collection still excites you every time you see it?

It’s a toss up between a small oil painting I have by Allan Douglas Davidson and a large work by street collective Faile which I commissioned from them the year I opened the gallery; 2006.

What advice would you give to someone looking to build an art collection, what should be their
first step? 
Always choose what you love, never buy purely for investment.

You have some fantastic pieces in your children’s bedrooms, do you find being surrounded by art inspires them to draw themselves? I hope so!