Nelly at Home
David & Thomas

What would be your ‘desert island’ artwork if you could only choose one?

“My Bed” by Tracey Emin. Because you need somewhere to sleep…

Nelly says

Vibrant colours and a bit of sparkle are always very popular with us, and we love how the flamingo has been teamed with the neutral greys and browns of Tom and David’s soft furnishings.

"Thankfully, we both have very similar tastes when it comes to buying art."

"I think objects and art speak to you, you feel gravitated towards them."

Have you got a dream artwork you’d love to have up on your walls?

That’s easy. It would be “Self-Portrait” (1986) by Andy Warhol. The image of the time-worn artist with the remarkable and haunting hair-piece is one of the iconic images of the last century.

How do you select your art to reflect both of your tastes and preferences?

Thankfully, we both have very similar tastes when it comes to buying art. When we see something we like we tend not to hesitate. That way, we are constantly evolving the look and feel of our home. Although we tend to be quite extravagant, our preference for art tends to be simplistic which can be just as striking. From the vibrant alphabet lettering of Ben Eine, to Robert Shaw’s impression on Ernö Goldfinger’s Brutalist architecture, and Nick Smith’s striking yet flamboyant “Girl With The Pink Earring” which draws attention to a single Pantone swatch.

The most recent addition to our collection is “The Matterhorn”, by Torben Giehler. This is actually quite different as it is a complex, distorted and abstract portrayal of the famous mountain, yet still distinctly features its huge and near-symmetrical pyramidal peak.