Nelly at Home
David Carter

How would you describe your taste in art?

It is very eclectic… A mad jumble of things which I find inspiring or beautiful regardless of their age or value.

Nelly says

In David’s home (and hotel) he has created a treasure-trove of art, antiquities and fascinating objects. The house is testament to the adage ‘patience is a virtue’, building such a collection takes time; visiting antique markets, junk shops and travelling the world.

What inspires the design and interiors of your hotel?

I love theatrical spaces, where the boundaries between dream and reality become blurred. I wanted to create an environment where guests would be seduced by the fantastical and transported somewhere else.

40 winks works as an immersive experience… A bit like walking inside a painting, or stepping on to a set conjured up by someone like Tim Burton.

"I wanted to create an environment where guests would be seduced by the fantastical and transported somewhere else"

"...people comment on its dreamy fairytale quality..."

What do visitors comment on the most about your hotel?

Lots of people comment on its dreamy fairytale quality and describe their stay as a bit like being in Alice in Wonderland (with me possibly as The Madhatter!). It is a very happy place, and we do get guests regularly writing to us describing it as a life changing experience, which I still find pretty amazing.