How we make our prints


By  Olivia
28th October 2014

As a world renowned editions house, Nelly Duff produces up to 20 handmade editions annually, including artworks for numerous exhibitions and art fair appearances, all exclusive to the gallery.

Nelly Duff works hand in hand with resident artists to create unique editions in a variety of media, including screen print, lino cut, letterpress and hot foil  printing methods.

How we make our prints's Process

Throughout, the gallery focuses on specifically hand made production, supporting traditional craft within the local area as much as possible, whilst continuously pushing the boundaries of each respective medium with the release of the extraordinary editions the gallery is so widely respected for.

These include Eine‘s much sought after and world record defying ‘ShutterFont’ edition and Matt Small‘s highly complex ‘Becky’ edition on hand scribbed metal.

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'Becky' on paper by Matt Small