Shutter Font


By  Magda
7th May 2009

In 2009, Nelly Duff made a World Record attempt. Working alongside the world renowned street artist Ben Eine and a collective of artisan printers, the gallery attempted to screen-print Eine’s internationally recognised ‘Shutter Font’ artwork with the most individual spot colours ever, applied by hand with painstaking accuracy using traditional screen printing methods.

Eine is widely regarded as a pioneer of exploring the Graffiti letter-form and his unique font based artworks are emblazoned across the derelict shop shutters of European citys, including a particular area of East London nick named ‘Alphabet City’ in homage to the artist’s striking murals.

The final edition of 150 pieces took more than six weeks to complete due to the complexity of the process and a one night show in an East London car spraying booth used ‘pull out’ prints to illustrate the complex processes that went into creating each artwork. Indeed, the pieces were so sought after that the entire edition sold out during the one night show case.