Aida – ‘Sorrow & Sorrow’


By  Alice
30th November 2017

One for sorrow,
Two for mirth,
Three for a funeral
And four for birth

John Brand, Observations on Popular Antiquities, 1780


It seems appropriate that Aida’s debut cyanotype at Nelly Duff, one of the oldest and most traditional print forms, should address the subject of one of the most widely appropriated symbols across world cultures. The Magpie, conversely, in Chinese culture is an emblem of happiness and luck, whilst in the UK, it depends on how many you see in order to determine your fate.

As if re-appropriating Picasso’s ‘Blue period’ aesthetic, both the medium and the subject reinforce each other in this emotive and incredibly beautiful edition. Made up of 100 painstakingly printed editions, this series explores a totally new avenue of Aida’s darkly humorous portfolio and is a landmark of artistic prowess and printing ability that Nelly Duff is proud to champion.